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Date: July 25 - 28, 2018

Location: Langley, Washington

Cost: $600

Skill Level: All levels


On the first morning of this workshop we will meet at my studio in Langley and then set

out exploring Whidbey Island for animal subjects to paint. There are a wide variety of

animals to choose from -- including sheep, cows, horses, alpaca, deer, birds and

rabbits -- and we will photograph a selection of these animals for painting reference.

After lunch, we will gather back in my studio where I will demonstrate my process for

painting from photo reference and my methods and materials for oil painting.

Workshop participants will then use the next three days to create a painting (or

paintings) of animals they have photographed. Emphasis will be placed on

composition, accurate drawing, correct values, fresh color mixtures and edge control.

Personal attention will be given to each participant and further painting demonstrations

will be provided as needed.

A good quality camera with zoom capability is recommended, as is a laptop or tablet for

the studio days. Alternatively, you may have color prints of your reference photos

printed locally.

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